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      Hefei jinhuanqiu firniture manufacture co.,ltd was founded in 1986, The com-pany has gone  from strength  to  strength since because of oriented people and professional spirit since it was established .

      Our company primarily  manufacture a  full set  Office furniture(large  desks¡¢ bureaus¡¢council  boards¡¢bookcases¡¢large chairs¡¢sofaes¡¢council chairs etc) £»Hotel¡¯s furnitures(flatlet¡¢chairs and desks for eat etc) £»school¡¯s furnit-ures (multifunctional beds for apartment¡¢chairs and desks for school¡¢all kinds of bookcases¡¢experiment cabinet. etc). Our products are sold in Anhui ¡¢ Unit 2 East China and other dozens of cities or areas.....


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